SR 705 Elevated Roadway/Flyovers, State of Washington, USA

This bridge is on a new East-West freeway SR705 developed to serve the city of Tacoma. The main freeway SR5 runs north-south in the state of Washington .The traffic that exists on the freeway for Tacoma down town had grown that the main arterial leading from the SR5 freeway to downtown Tacoma got congested, the new freeway SR705 is six lane facility mostly on bridge and retained fill because of expensive right –of –way .The project area is environmentally very sensitive, the soil are contaminated throughout the project site so foundations have been so designed that no material was removed from the project site.Some of the bridges are:

Sr. No. Bridge (Name) Bridge Type Span Arrangement Total Length
Flyover Post-tensioned concrete box girder Varies Varying in length from 110 feet to 225 feet

Project 2:

First Avenue South Bridge, North Approach E-ramp, State of Washington, USA

The existing bridge at First Avenue crossing over green river was planned to be replaced by a new structure .Because of traffic demand a brand new interchange was developed to ease the traffic movement .The E-Ramp which is on the North approach of the New First Avenue Bridge was entrusted to consultant. It worked as a team member in a consortium, which consisted five Bridge design firms. The project was designed on a fast track basis.Some of the bridges are:

Sr. No. Bridge (Name) Bridge Type Span Arrangement Total Length
1. First Avenue South Bridge, North Approach E-ramp Pre-stressed concrete girder 3 x 135 ft 405 ft

Project 3:

I-90 Bridge No. 405/35 E Widening, State of Washington, USA

I-90 between Seattle-Mercer Island and Bellevue was widened from 4 lanes to 10 lanes. This bridge lies between Mount Baker, Ridge Tunnel and the approach structure to the floating bridge. The bridge has two levels. The upper level for west bound traffic and the lower level for the East bound Traffic.Some of the bridges are:

Sr. No. Bridge (Name) Bridge Type Span Arrangement Total Length

Bridge No. 405/35 E

Pre-stressed concrete Girder bridge 3 * 76 feet 228 feet

Project 4:
SR5, Bridge No. 516/E widening State of Washington, USA

SR5, four lane freeway was widened to eight lanes through the city of Tukwilla. This bridge is part of the existing freeway and was widened on both sides. The existing bridge consisted of 195 feet long pre-stressed concrete Girder Bridge with 56 feet, 83 feet, and 56 feet span. The existing bridge was evaluated and found to be structurally sound.Some of the bridges are:

Sr. No. Bridge (Name) Bridge Type Span Arrangement Total Length

Bridge No. 516/E

Pre-stressed concrete Girder bridge

1*56 + 1*83 + 1* 56 195 feet long

Project 5:

Detailed Design and Construction Assistance Services for Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Kabul-Kandahar road from km 262 to km 347 in Afghanistan, Length - 85 Km of. FUNDED BY USAID, Afghanistan

Project consists of Rehabilitation and Strengthening of existing two lane roadways. The project connects Kabul to kandahar. The project will be built in two phase. Phase I will install ATB on the existing road. Phase II will completely build the roadways including bridges, culverts, traffic signs and other road features. The project has been divided into four groups. Our group is responsible for 85 Km of roadway from Km 262 to Km 347. The project road is in the severe seismic zone of Afghanistan. There are 5 Major Bridges 70m to 510m long of PSC Girder & Slab which need to be repaired or replaced. The existing two lanes road was strengthen and widened to IRC standards. The project is being built on Design Build basis. The contractor on the project is BSC-C&C JV (India). Consultant as lead partner in the Joint Venture which is providing design, quality control and assistance during construction.