The ground water exploitation undertaken at an unprecedented rate in the country during the last three decades has led to rapid decline in ground water levels creating many over-exploited areas and consequent stress on the ground water resources. Almost two third area of the country is now critically affected making it necessary to take up immediately rain water harvesting measures for artificially augmenting the ground water storage before such critically exploited aquifer zones are fully de-saturated.

The issue of ground water withdrawal leading to fast depleting ground water resources causing adverse environmental impact and resource crunch has all along drawn the public attention. The major issue, therefore, is ground water sustainability by arresting water level depletion depending on the aquifer capacity and scope of natural recharge.

Realizing the immediate need for augmenting the ground water storage by artificial recharge of ground water, MSV International Inc. constituted a separate ' Division of Ground Water Recharge " by forming a team of experts comprising highly experienced hydrologists, hydro geologists, civil engineers, environmentalists to study the hydrology and hydrogeology of the affected zones and suggest the remedial measures by designing cost effective recharge structures based on the availability of roof top rain water and non- committed surplus monsoon runoff. MSV by working on many such projects, has now developed an investigational methodology of water shed development and artificial ground water recharge which has started giving very favorable results. The team of experts of MSV have designed the cost effective recharge structures for large size industries like cement plants, thermal power plants, distilleries etc which are now sustaining the ground water resources only with the help of artificial ground recharge practices.

Simultaneously, MSV is suggesting artificial ground water recharge as an important component of water shed development where all other aspects of soil and water conservation, afforestation, agricultural development etc. are studied.