Rivers, water Basins (tanks), wells and canals are major Source of water used for Agriculture. Understanding innovation, conservation, transmission efficiency and integrated resource management help us use our limited water resources wisely.
MSV International Inc. offers a wide range of irrigation services. Our civil and agricultural engineers have experience in the design and construction management of irrigation/ drainage systems. We have agronomists and agricultural economists for institutional development, farming systems/ crop management, farmer organization/community development, and monitoring and evaluation of projects.


• Irrigation system planning, engineering and retro fitting
• Conservation planning and engineering,
• Resource economics analysis and water market assessment
• Return floor treatment wetlands design and construction
• Topographic and Hydrological Surveys
• Geological and Geo hydrological Survey
• Preliminary design of Irrigation canals, weirs, lift stations, structures etc
• Final design of irrigation canals, structures etc
• Construction management and Supervision
• Relining of existing canals
• Erosion control plans for Rivers
• Environmental and Social Imparts and Management.