Comprehensive Detailed Project Report for Rejuvenation and Sustainable Conservation of Ranchi Lake (Bara Talab), Jharkhand, India

This project involves:

Preparation of comprehensive Detailed Project Report for Rejuvenation and Conservation of Ranchi Lake formally known as Bara Talab.

Review of secondary data and generation of primary data.

Conducting all primary surveys for lake such as Engineering and topographic survey, lake Bathymetric survey, Water , Waste Water and sediment quality assessment etc.

Carry out the lake water budgeting and nutrient budgeting for better lake recharging and abetment of nutrients enrichment.

Identify Catchment area as planning area (‘Project area’) for all lake and get it approved by RMC.

Carry out requisite site studies of lake to examine the existing facilities like access, utilities, services, water quality, existing plantation, aquatic life and study the eco-system of the lake, geo hydrological study of the catchment area for deriving the water contours and aquifer recharge capacity and prepare CAT plan for the same.

Preparation of theme based development plan along with landscape plan, CAT plan, Lake front development Plan and Sewerage plan, infrastructure design, BOQ, cost estimate, financial plan and detail design as per required for development and conservation works for Ranchi Lake.