Waste Water & Sewerage

The objective of a public waste water collection & disposal system is to ensure that sewage or excreta and sullage discharged from communities is properly collected, transported, treated to the required degree & finally disposed off without causing any health or environmental problems. Industrial wastewater treatment is required to prevent the pollution of water bodies and damage to environment.

MSVs highly qualified staff of planners, civil engineers, and environmental engineers have planned pollution control measures for cities and controlling pollution of rivers. The range of services cover planning and design of sewerage systems, pumping, STPs, sludge disposal, Low cost sanitation systems, financial & economic analysis & project management services.

While it is necessary to adopt conventional sewerage and treatment methods in our metro and mega cities, it is economical to go in for low cost option wherever feasible particularly in small & medium towns. Yet another important area which needs urgent attention is examining the possibility of re-use and re - cycling of waste after necessary treatment. MSV experienced engineers pay special attention to these aspects while designing the sewage treatment facilities.


• Planning and design of sewerage net works.
• Design of sewerage system & STPs for cities.
• Design of systems to prevent pollution of rivers.
• Control & treatment of Industrial effluents.
• Waste water & Industrial treatment works.
• Effluent recycling & reuse of Municipal & Industrial waste.
• Maintenance of sewerage systems
• On - site sanitation Low cost sanitation Pollution safeguards
• Plant operation & Maintenance.
• Sludge treatment, reuse & disposal.
• Supervision & Management of Project construction.
• Facility Management.
• Financial assessment & planning of Project.
• Institutional Development