Water Supply

Water is a basic need. The provision of safe and adequate drinking water to burgeoning urban population continues to be one of the major challenging tasks. Lack of safe drinking water can undermine the health and well being of people, particularly the urban poor & economically weaker sections.

MSVs range of services cover all stage of water supply and treatment which include planning, identifying sources of supply both surface and ground water designs of transmission systems, pumping arrangements, disinfection & treatment processes. MSVs engineers can also undertake construction supervision, and project management.

Rising demand for water in urban communities due to population increase, commercial and Industrial development and improvement in living standards is putting enormous stress on easily & economically exploitable water sources. It has there fore become necessary to initiate measures for effective & integrated approach for water conservation. MSVs experienced engineers can assist in this task by planning optimal use of available water resources, prevention & control of wastage of water & effective demand management.

MSVs experienced experts can provide consulting services in several fields relating to planning, design and execution of water supply schemes.


• Preparation of short term/ long term plans of water supply.
• Assessment of surface & ground water potential.
• Ground water abstraction.
• Water Quality analysis & improvement.
• Design of Intake system.
• Design of pumping system.
• Design of transmission and distribution system
• Leakage detection & Management.
• Protection against pollution & freezing
• Corrosion and its prevention
• Water Hammer Problems
• Optimal design of water treatment systems
• Instrumentation & controls in water treatment systems
• Financing & Management
• L aboratory tests
• Operation & Maintainance of systems.