The development of water Resources becomes necessary on account of uneven distribution of rainfall in space and time leading to problem of water shortages & excesses. Many draught prone areas in world have been protected from recurring drought through the development and management of water Resources Projects.

The demand for food is increasing and it will not be possible to meet the ever-increasing demand for food without proper planning & execution of water Resources Projects. In areas not likely to derive the benefits from large storages, water conservation measures like rainwater harvesting, ground water recharge and water shed management have important roles to play.

The qualified and experienced engineers of MSV can provide consultancy services in many fields of Development and Management of water Resources.


• Preparation of Integrated River basin Management Plans
• Preparation of river basin flood management plans
• Planning for water Resources development & Management
• River training & erosion control
• Drainage Improvement in river basins
• Urban drainage Improvement Irrigation Systems
• Inter basin water Transfer
• Study of reservoir sedimentation & control
• Application of remote sensing technology for water Resources planning & management.
• Hydrological studies
• Appraisal of water Resources / Flood Management projects
• River Morphology
• Control of River pollution
• Environmental Impact assessment of water Resources Projects
• Evaluation of water utilization
• Construction supervision
• Water Conservation Measures