City Development Plan of Seven Urban Local Bodies

City Development Plan of Seven Urban Local Bodies (ULB) – Madhya Pradesh Urban Administration and Development Department Government of Madhya Pradesh, India

The aim of this exercise is to support various Cities/Urban Local Bodies of Madhya Pradesh in preparing the City Development Plan (CDP) for their respective cities. MSV prepared the CDP for seven Cities:

1. Bamor
2. Joura
3. Kailaras
4. Jhundpura
5. Baroda
6. Vijaypur
7. Kari

The CDP provides a comprehensive medium-term strategy (Vision 2035) as well as a City Investment Plan (CIP), based on which the concerned ULB will be able to access funds under GoI/GoMP schemes as well as from its own and other sources based on priority actions and projects identified in the CDP. The document should also provide Financial Operating Plan (FOP) to direct the ULBs for mobilizing various financial resources to implement the identified projects.