Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Instant Covid Relief Support

As part of the CSR policy MSV, recently donated instant relief of Rs 5 lacs as financial support during the epidemic fear of corona virus to the NGO-The Earth Saviours Foundation. We have been supporting this NGO for the last five years. This internationally recognized NGO at that particular time had around 500 less privileged people, more than its capacity of 200 people, who were living permanently in the NGO’s Gurukul located at Bandhwari Village, District Gurugram, Haryana. Most of these people are abandoned senior citizens, deprived, mentally disabled, bedridden and patients suffering from incurable diseases. The donation from MSV came as great support, which was utilized for the purchases of general medicines and food supplies to feed abandoned senior citizens and disabled people. At MSV, we always remain at the forefront to strengthen efforts for such causes by individuals or NGOs so that they continue to serve less privileged in high spirit.

MSV, as always remembers its CSR. Though we have been supporting various individuals and NGO’s for a long who are active in helping needy people by their various humanitarian efforts yet during the pandemic our concern grew more for the people in need of help. During the times of COVID we proactively supported the cause “No person should sleep hungry” by ‘YogkhshemSewaNyas Trust’ by making a humble contribution of Rs 5 lacs. The trust utilized this donation for feed the needy and poor who were rendered jobless and stranded in and around Gurugram.

Support for Spreading awareness on Body Organs and Stem Cell Donation

Mrs Madhu Malik, President, MSV International Inc., pledged her eyes and contributed Rs 3.5 lacs to support the pious cause of spreading awareness about organ and stem cell donation by Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti. ( Mr Alok Kumar, working President of VHP, is leading the efforts and more than 15,000 patients have benefitted and are leading a normal life since its inception.

Mr. Pushkar Malik, MD and Mrs. Madhu Malik, President, MSV International Inc. were specially invited as Guests of honour to grace the event held at India Cultural Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on September 19th, 2021.

Construction of shelter home for homeless people

MSV donated Rs 20 lacs for construction of a shelter for homeless people. The shelter is being run by an NGO. Earth Saviour Foundation, which is working towards a noble cause of taking complete care of abandoned people who are left alone by thier families…The NGO also cremates unclaimed dead bodies.

It was extremely painful to see people suffering endlessly due to negligence and selfishness of their own families. After being associated with such an NGO, one realizes that how badly our society is deteriorating.
The shelter was inaugurated by MSV’s President and Managing Director and will accommodate more than 80 people.
MSV also donated blankets and food for the people.

Educational and Social Support for Underprivileged Street Children

Mrs. Madhu Malik, President, MSV International Inc., is the flag bearer in leading the company’s CSR efforts. She has been doing a noble deed by teaching under privileged children for last 15 years. She takes classes for street children whose parents are working as labourers, beggar’s, house maids, rickshaw walas etc. She provides them with free books, clothes, shoes, stationery etc. She also gives them evening refreshment. She is currently teaching 50 kids. She teaches them Hindi, English, Maths, and Science. She is also building their character by teaching them about manners and the art of leading a respectful life. Many local Gurgaon newspapers have covered her exceptional selfless work in their columns.

Green Initiatives to Support the Cause ‘Save Environment’

Besides her love for underprivileged children, MSV’s President, Mrs. Madhu Malik’s love for nature, is a known fact in the locality she inhabits. She started a green drive a few years ago to support the cause ‘Save Environment’ and as part of this initiative she has planted more than one thousand trees in Sector 31, Gurugram.

Helping Underprivileged Youth to Stand on Their Feet MSV has given jobs to many underprivileged kids and people who were addicted to drugs or had other addictions and helped them stand on their feet and become better human beings.

Support for Maintenance of Schools and Crematorium
MSV contributed financially to the maintenance and up-gradation of a primary school and cremation ground in a village near Faridabad.