Defence Group

MSV Systems Inc. is a leading Manufacturer/Exporter of weapons and weapon systems to security forces in countries all over the World. MSV is registered as a corporation in the State of Washington, USA. It has a very large presence in Asia/Africa/Europe/Middle East.

MSV Systems Inc. is a subsidiary of MSV International Inc. a holding company of the MSV Group of Companies. MSV Group has been into business since 2001 and has undertaken and executed a variety of infrastructure projects worldwide.

We believe in long-term value creation for all its employees and associates, maintaining the highest ethical standards in the conduct of business. “These facets of the MSV group, our long-term orientation and our commitment to ethical conduct, resonate very well with the needs of the defense sector, where there is a high premium placed on partners who have long-term commitment to see products through multiple generations of evolution, and who are committed to the highest standards of ethics.

MSV Systems Inc. is planning to deliver weapon systems to the following leading Defense Establishments of the World like:

  • Ministry of Defence (MOD), India
  • General Directorate of Civil Defence, Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia
  • Ministry of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China
  • Minister of Defense, UAE
  • Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan
  • Indonesian National Armed Forces, Indonesia
  • Ministry of National Defence, Turkey
  • Ministry of National Defence, South Korea
  • Department of Defence, Australia