IT Group

Our Information Technology Group is a software development wing of MSV International, Inc. We provide solutions for Health, Banking, Finance, Retail, Government, Media and Telecommunications Sectors. In today’s Internet Savvy Global market, supply is not able to keep pace with demand for skilled and experienced technical manpower. On the other hand, manpower rich country like India has adequate skilled resources to meet this demand. This is where we come in. If you have the ideas, we have the world-class team to turn it in to reality.

MSV defines strategy and direction and gives shape to the vision, Detailed planning of task and resources allocation and monitoring; managing project engineering efforts through the development, test & support; coordinating to ensure delivery & success of product development, test and deployment.

Our major tasks include program risk analysis & contingency plan, developing engineering requirement documents, reviewing and approving project plans, working with cross functional teams.

We also perform tasks like product overviews, presentation, proposal development, proposal training, basic product evaluation etc.

Client satisfaction is key to our business and is achieved through the highest level of Integrity, Service and Value. Each IT project is managed and staffed with experts and in some cases industry specialists who bring a strong understanding of their areas of specialization enabling to approach each client project from a total business perspective. Because our resources and expertise span the entire delivery process, we can service each client across the full range of project type from a web page to customized software.

Our Technical skills include proficiency in C++, Java, Java Beans, COM/DCOM, ASP, JSP, Java Services, Cold Fusion, Java Scripts, VB Script, XML, PERL, PHP$ e-commerce tools and the other contemporary web technologies based ranging from My SQL to Oracle 8i.


  • Developing Customized Software
  • Complete ERP solutions & MIS application
  • Web based business model and Web Strategy
  • Call center Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Transaction process
  • Supply chain management
  • Global Thought Center

These services enable our client to:

  • Complete product development
  • Enhance the quality and reliability
  • Improve time to market
  • Support its existing product