A.P. Community Based Tank Management Project (APCBTMP), Andhra Pradesh, India

Third Party Quality Control and Quality Assurance Consultancy (Unit-IV) for Rehabilitation of Tank Systems and Implementation of Tank Safety Remedial Works under A.P. Community Based Tank Management Project (APCBTMP), Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India

The Government of Andhra Pradesh in partnership with Government of India and the World Bank is implementing ‘Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project (APCBTMP)’ for improvement and management of minor irrigation tanks through community based approach. The project focuses on planning, implementation and monitoring to promote self sustaining water management.

The major components of the project are- institutional strengthening, minor irrigation system improvements, tank systems improvements, participatory groundwater management, agricultural livelihood support services. Consultants has provided third party quality control testing services, enforcement of specifications and execution of works. This involves development of checklists, periodic inspections, reporting and followup.