Bridges under Mukhya Mantri Pul Nirman Yojana in Arwal District, India

SR5, Bridge No. 516/E widening State of Washington, USA

SR5, four lane freeway was widened to eight lanes through the city of Tukwila. This bridge is part of the existing freeway and was widened on both sides. The existing bridge consisted of 195 feet long pre-stressed concrete Girder Bridge with 56 feet, 83 feet, and 56 feet span. The existing bridge was evaluated and found to be structurally sound. Some of the bridges are:

The broad goals of consultancy services are: Preparation of Preliminary Project Report based on preliminary site investigations etc. Preparation of Detailed Project Report based on design of various components of the bridges and approach roads. Preparation of technical specifications and drawings, bid documents for tendering and pre-qualification documents. Distress analysis was performed on all the bridges in Arwal District. The analysis showed that every bridge was beyond strengthening and repairs, so these were replaced. The details of bridges are:

Sr. No.Bridge (Name)Bridge TypeSpan ArrangementTotal Length
1Sherpur Punpun Nadi BridgeRCC Box Girder4*30125.050m
2South Sone Nahar BridgeRCC T-Beam and Slab12+18+1243.840m
3Sone River BridgeRCC Box Girder30+3062.550m
4Amra Nallah BridgeRCC T-Beam and Slab3*1855.84m