Chengalpattu to Tindivanam, India

Independent Engineers Services for Rehabilitation and Up gradation from Km 28/0 to Km 67/0 and 4-laning of existing 2-lane road from Chengalpattu to Tindivanam (from Km 67/0 to km 121/0) including Strengthening and Up-gradation of existing two lanes from Tambaram- Tindivanam section of NH-45 under Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) on Annuity basis, Tamil Nadu, India

NH-45 (popularly known as GST Road) is one of the important National Highways, which connects Chennai, the Capital City of Tamil Nadu with the southern districts of the State, including major towns such as Tiruchi, Madurai, etc. This National Highway has been entrusted to National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for development and maintenance. NHAI has taken up the project road from km 28/0 (starting from Tambaram at the outskirts of Chennai City) to km 121/0 (Tindivanam Junction) for development under the Annuity Scheme. Total length of the project road is 93 kms. Out the above, Tambaram- Chengalpattu section from Km 28/0 to Km 67/0 has already been 4-laned and the remaining section from Km 67/0 (Chengalpattu) to Km 121/0 ( Tindivanam) is presently 2-lane road.The project work involves strengthening of the existing 4-lane section from Tambaram to Chengalpattu (from Km 28/0 to Km 67/0) and 4-laning of existing 2-lane road from Chengalpattu to Tindivanam (from Km 67/0 to km 121/0).Some of the bridges are:

Sr. No.Bridge (Name)Bridge TypeSpan ArrangementTotal Length
1Nandivaram BridgeRCC Solid Slab1*8.68.62 m
2Thailvaram bridgeRCC Solid Slab1*8.68.62 m
3Minor bridgeRCC Solid slab7+7.4+721.42 m
4Minor bridgeRCC T beam+ RCC Solid slab25+7.5 Skew Bridge32.55 m
5Minor bridgeRCC Solid slab9+7.5+9 Skew Bridge25.53 m
6Kolavai Tank BridgeRCC T beam+ RCC Solid slab5*12 Skew Bridge60.03 m
7Minor bridgeRCC T beam+ RCC Solid slab1*18.918.92 m
8Palar RiverBridgePSC T beam+ RCC Solid slab23*29.5678.55
9Kattu Odai BridgeRCC Solid Slab1*8.68.62 m
10KalliarRCC Solid Slab10.9+14*11+10.9175.80 m
11Maduran Tangan Bund Supply ChannelRCC Solid Slab2*8.4 Skew bridge16.8 m
12Omahatki Temple SubwayRCC Solid Slab1*7.047.04 m
13Minor BridgeRCC Solid Slab4*11.546 m
14Chunambedu BridgeRCC T beam+ RCC Solid slab13.1+2*13+13.152.2 m
15Ongur RiverRCC T beam+ RCC Solid slab4*1352