Collection & Transportation of MSW, 6 MCD Zones, Delhi, India

Independent Monitoring Consultant of Public Private Partnership Project in Collection & Transportation of MSW in 6 MCD Zones, Project Cost- US$ 32.60 Million, Delhi, India

Consultant is responsible for discharging its function as Independent Monitoring Consultant for Public Private Partnership Project in Collection & Transportation of MSW in 6 MCD Zones & which is covering following main activities:-

  • Verification and random checks of weighment and Testing of the MSW at the Landfill Site. In addition, the representative of Independent Consultant has to keep watch on type of waste deposited and ensure that only MSW is deposited at SLF Site.
  • Independently review, monitor and where required by the Agreement, to approve the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the Project Facilities to ensure compliance by the Concessionaire with the Operations Plan, Design Requirements, Construction Requirements and O&M Requirements. The MSW rules 2000 lay emphasis on avoiding manual handing of MSW. The collection, storage and transportation of MSW has to be done in closed containers.
  • Report to the Parties on the various physical, technical and financial aspects of the Project based on inspections, site visits and Tests. The Independent Consultant has to ensure that S. C. bins are according to DIN standards & all the loading/unloading is done mechanically.
  • Assist the Parties in arriving at an amicable settlement of disputes, should the need arise. Such disputes arise mainly on handing over of land and existing facilities by the client to the concessionaire.
  • Review matters related to safety and environment management.