Consultancy Services for Improvements to King County International Airport (KCIA), USA

Description of project
The KCIA was originally owned by King County, the ownership was transferred in early 2007 to port of Seattle who operates the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. The Airport is spread in a total area of 594 acres. The Airport is used by smaller Airlines which has Service to various Airports is Washington state and also some states in Canada like British Colombia, the Airport is also used by Boeing to make test flights for new Aero Plans.

The improvement project is to prepare design and construction drawing and provide construction supervision for extension of existing runway, new taxiways, Aprons, new pavement, drainage and terminal building.

Description of Actual Services provided
Collected, reviewed and analyzed existing data and reports related to prevailing condition (climate, rainfall; soil, environment and economic conditions, drawing and design of existing runway; taxiways, aprons, terminal building, pavement condition, storm drainage etc. performed topographical surveys, geotechnical investigations, traffic, analysis, obstacle limitation surveys, hydraulic analysis, feasibility study preliminary design of various elements and financial and economic appraisals and environmental impacts. Prepared details design and drawings for extending runway, new taxiways, new aprons; repaving existing runways, taxiways & aprons to take heavier airplanes and new pavement for extended runway, new taxi ways and new aprons; storm drainage; structural, mechanical, electrical and service design for terminal building, ATC tower and allied structures; preparation of bidding documents, invitation and evaluation of tenders and provided assistance to client in negotiating contracts.

Provided complete construction management, supervision, quality control and airports safety services. The work included checking and approval of construction drawing prepared by contractor; interpretation of contract documents. Reviewed and approved contractor’s quality control plan, airport safety plan, and traffic management plan; assured adherence to contract drawings and specifications. Performed supervision of all elements and performed needed tests for quality control; reviewed workmanship; monitored progress with regard to time and cash flow and made constructive suggestions to mitigate delays; approved job mix design; inspected setting of concrete batching plant, transporting, laying and compacting of pavement for runway, taxiways and aprons. .Inspected electrical mechanical, and structural work performed on terminal building and, ATC tower and other building, issued certificate of completion; processed payments and assisted in dispute resolution and prepared as-built drawings.

The project was undertaken by Mr. Suresh Malik, Chairman, MSV International Inc. in his personal capacity.