Consultancy Services for Mater Planning, Design and Construction Supervision of Third Runway at Seattle Tacoma Airport , USA

Description of project
Seattle Tacoma Airport is the largest airport in state of Washington and gets flights from all over the world and from all us states. Because of increase in amount of Air traffic needed a third runway. The service required were master planning, environmental, financial and economic analysis, design and construction drawing and supervision of construction.

Description of Actual Services provided
The master plan of the third runway was developed by HNTB, who also prepared the environmental impact assessment, got approval of alignment from FAA, Right of way plan was developed and houses in the flight path where noise was a problem was acquired. The length of the runway was fixed to take care of largest airplanes that are using this airport.

In the design phase, performed topographic survey and developed base map of the area that will contain the runway and taxiways. Developed embankment design, pavement design and storm drainage design and prepared construction drawings.

Provided construction supervision services and performed needed tests on embankment and pavement to assure quality.

The project was undertaken by Mr. Suresh Malik, Chairman, MSV International Inc. in his personal capacity.