DPR for NH-26 on North-South-East -West Corridoor India

Feasibility Study and Detailed Project Report for 4/6 laning of NH-26 from Rajmarg Chouraha to Lakhnadon on NSEW Corridor Project funded by ADB, Length 104.5 Kms., Construction Cost – US$121 Million, Madhya Pradesh, India

The project is part of East-West Corridors, which is being developed by NHAI under National Highway Development Phase II. The project involves strengthening and widening of 104 Km of existing two-lane roadway to 4-lane divided carriageway. The project road is NH-26 that starts at RajmargChauraha (Km 296) to Lakhnadon (Km 400). There are existing bypasses on Sukhjain, Bijauri, Narsinghpur and Deori towns. There are 26 existing major bridges including one river bridge 227m long.

Investigations were performed on these bridges to assess their structural strength. 15 of these bridges were structurally fine these were widened; 10 of these bridges were structurally unsafe and these were replaced. The existing river bridge was structurally all right but a new 2-lane bridge was constructed by the side. The existing bridges were evaluated using non-destructive testing for superstructure, foundation evaluation, bearing and construction joint evaluation. Evaluation of distress level was made and for bridges which could be modified by strengthening, the remedial measures were made, design and construction drawings developed.