Groundwater studies, Wetlands, water system and sanitation, Euegene

Develop Groundwater studies, Wetlands, water system and sanitation on system for city of Euegene

The Project consisted of Developing Groundwater studies, Wetlands, water system and sanitation system.


Ground water studies includes hydro geological studies, aquifer pump test analysis, ground water study work plans, sampling and analysis plans, field data collection, boring logs, aquifer tests, data collection, analytical ground modelling and report production

Wet lands delineations, determinations and mitigation

Water Supply

  • Collected, reviewed and analysed existing data with regards existing water supply and capacity increase
  • Undertook site visits to identify missing data
  • Performed Topographic Surveys and developed base maps using Satellite Imagery.
  • Metrological assessment and also assessment of yearly snow covers
  • Undertook Population forecasting
  • Assessed Capacity of the existing water basin in the mountains
  • For environmental assessment and mitigation carried out :baseline characteristic of existing environmental project influence area highlighting the major environmental issues and mitigation on account mitigation Socio-economic analysis
  • System modeling
  • Financial and economic viability and determine sources of project funding.
  • Study existing water distribution system for waste assessment and leak detection.
  • Perform surveys for assessment of current use and future needs of users.
  • Develop the need capacity of the system for year 2030.
  • Prepare list of water connection
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of water quality
  • Set up a water quality laboratory web based quality Monitoring
  • Develop rate analysis for Charging domestic and Industrial Clients.