Hayden Island Rail Access, Portland, USA

Hayden Island Rail Access Portland over a large body of water

This is a BOT project. The city of Portland decided to develop Hayden Island as an Industrial center. The project consisted of extension of Burlington Northern Santa Fee Rail road from Portland to the Island via a bridge over a large body of water. The project consisted of 20 km of double track, 4 level crossings, one station, one yard, and 1.2 km long bridge.

Consultant as a major partner in the consortium provided Burlington Northern Railroad (BNI) services for financial closure, project implementation, project monitoring, construction quality control, construction safety and operation and maintenance.

Services provided included:

Made economic evaluation and prepared financial closure for the project

Prepared 30% design for the project and issued technical details to the perspective bidders/ developers.

Bridge type studies performed, three alternative studied were cable stayed bridge, oen web steel girder and steel plate girder. After performing economic evaluation, 24 spans of open web steel girder were recommended.