Implementation of Tank Safety Remedial Works under Orissa Community Tank Management Project (OCTMP), India

Consultancy for Third Party Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Rehabilitation of Tank, Systems and Implementation of Tank Safety Remedial Works under OCTMP – North Zone, Orissa, India

The project involves ensuring that the quality of works along with workmanship is conforming to technical specifications, contract documents, designs/drawings, relevant Indian standards.

  • To ensure sound construction procedures including deployment of the ‘state of the art/ improved devices/ engineering instruments’ to expedite quality control testing.
  • To undertake monitoring of the quality of materials used, construction procedures as per the agreed designs, and quality of outputs at various construction stages as per the bid specifications.
  • To carry out the field tests required for assuring the quality in presence of the regular Water Resources Department staff and Pani Panchayat committee members.
  • To recommend measures for rectifying the defects observed during the inspection.
  • To build capacities of the Quality Control staff of the Project/ Department / Support Organization (SO)/ Pani Panchayat (PP) through appropriate professional training.
  • To establish systems for monitoring and reporting of progress of works and their associated quality control and quality assurance aspects, acceptable to DPU, SPU, and GoO.

To conduct the tests relevant to the works in progress based on the technical specifications and relevant Indian standards for the respective items of works for quality control and quality assurance independently.