Kabul – Kandahar Highway, Afghanistan

Design and Rehabilitation of Kabul – Kandahar Highway (km 262- km 347) in Afghanistan funded by USAID, Length 85 Kms., Construction Cost- US$ 39.93 Million, Kandahar, Afghanistan

Project consists of Rehabilitation and Strengthening of existing two-lane roadway. The project connects Kabul to Kandahar. The project will be built in two- phases. Phase I will install ATB on the existing road. Phase II will completely build the roadways including bridges, culverts, traffic signs and other road features. The project has been divided into four groups. Our group is responsible for 85 Km of roadway from Km 262 to Km 347. The project road is in the severe seismic zone of Afghanistan. The project is being built on Design Build basis.