Lake Sammamish Plateau City Development Project, USA

Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste and Transportation, Lake Sammamish Plateau City Development Project

The Project was to prepare city development plan for a major housing and commercial development in the lake Sammamish Plateau in an area of 200 Acres. Consultant is to conduct topographic surveys, traffic surveys, master plans, area development plans including location of various housing options, commercial establishments, building design, sewerage design, drainage design, water supply design, sanitation, solid waste, landfill and CDM realization electric design, roadway design, bridge design, bill of quantities and cost estimates, prepare pre-qualification documents for the developers/contractors, prepare the project for privatization award contracts and project implementation assure that developers are adhering to terms of the agreement, perform construction supervision and quality control, approve contractor’s safety measures, issue completion certificates. Project also involves Clean Development Mechanism which will be developed and the contractor, consultant has to review this. The Client will Provide digital satellite imageries for the project influence area.

Consultant as a major partner in the consortium provided Lake Sammamish Plateau Development Authority (LSPDA) the following services:

Services for the project included:

  • Collected, reviewed and analysed existing data with regards to existing water supply, capacity increase and sanitation system.
  • Undertook site visits to identify missing data
  • Topographic Surveys and developed base maps using GIS based Technology
  • Environmental impact statement and Environmental Management Plan to mitigate environmental issues.
  • Socio Economic analysis
  • System modelling