Mahan – Bam – Rostamabad Highway, Iran

Supervision of Emergency Rehabilitation of the Mahan – Bam – Rostamabad (190 Km.) Highway in Iran funded by WORLD BANK, Length 190 Kms.,

The project involves rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Mahan Bam Highway in Kerman Province in Iran. The Project Road (Mahan-Bam-Rostamabad) is one of the most busy transit routes in the country as it links to Pakistan and many important cities of Iran.

The Project is proposed to be constructed in two different slices i.e., (i) “Mahan – Abaregh” (length about 102Km) and (ii) “Abaregh – Rostamabad” (length about 87Km) and has an average roadway width of about 11m. It consists of an asphalted riding carriageway with average width 7.30m and two earthen shoulders of 1.85 to 2 m on both sides