Pachpadra to Ramji Ki Gol Road, India

Construction Supervision services for Improvement Works on Pachpadra to Ramji Ki Gol Road, State Highway-28, Length 138 Kms., Construction Cost-US$ 33 Million, Rajasthan, India

The project comprises improvements of existing roadway to two lanes with paved and hard shoulders on either side, strengthening of existing carriageway with flexible overlays and improvements of Junctions. The existing bridges and culverts will be rehabilitated, widened/ replaced including construction of ROB, bypasses /detours/realignment wherever required. The existing road has a formation width varying from 5.5 m to 14m. The carriageway width in the

first 8 km., which falls on NH-112, is 7m, from Km. 111 to Km. 194 the carriageway width of 3.5m with grakel and either shoulder on either side. The new roadway will have a carriageway width of 7m with a paved shoulders of 2.0m and earthen shoulder of 1.5m on either side. Existing 59 causeways will be widened, improved and/or replaced with a Box Culvert /Pipe Culverts. There are seven pipe culverts at proposed Balotra Bypass.