PMGSY Roads under Group –III (Haryana, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh), India

Maintenance Audit of PMGSY Roads under Group –III (Haryana, Rajasthan & Uttar-Pradesh

The objective of this Audit is to help NRRDA (MoRD) and the state Implementing Agencies to realistically obtain the current status of maintenance and enhance the maintenance management endeavor on rural roads. The objectives of the maintenance Audit is to undertake on a sample basis, systematic examination of works from maintenance aspect and to find out the shortcoming in monitoring, contract, implantation, control and funding arrangements of maintenance of rural roads.

The specific objectives of audit are for the proposed states to:

  • Identify the practices followed by the State Government for maintenance of the rural roads core network with particular reference to PMGSY roads.
  • Study of monitoring and control system of the maintenance activities.
  • The review of present funding arrangement.
  • Status of Implementation of routine and periodical maintenance activities.