Rajmarg Chouraha – Lakhnadon on NSEW corridor, India

Feasibility Studies & Detailed Project Report of 4/6 laning of NH-26 from Rajmarg Chouraha – Lakhnadon on NSEW corridor (ADB Funded) , Madhya Pradesh, India

The project is part of East-West Corridors which is being developed by NHAI under National Highway Development Phase II. The project is funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project involves strengthening and widening of 104 Km of existing two lane roadway to 4-lane divided carriageway. The project road is NH26 that starts at Rajmarg Chouraha (Km 296) to Lakhnadon (Km 400). There are existing bypasses on Sukhjain, Bijauri, Narsinghpur and Deori towns.

These are in poor condition and need extensive improvements. There are submersible bridges at Km 216/0, Km 233/10 and Km 333/4 (Khedanala Bridge) which need raising.The bridges on the project road designed by consultant are:

Sr. No.Bridge (Name)Bridge TypeSpan ArrangementTotal Length
1.Bitali Nallah BridgeRCC Solid Slab2 * 16.633.22 m
2.Sagari Nallah BridgeRCC Solid Slab3 * 8.024.025 m
3.Pilla Nallah BridgeRCC Beam and Slab2 * 12.625.225 m
4.Narmada River BridgePSC Box9 * 38.0342.06 m
5.Dokali Nallah BridgePSC BoxSKEW 4 * 38.0152.06 m
6.Linga Nallah BridgeRCC Beam and Slab2*12.625.225 m
7.Local Nallah BridgeRCC Beam and Slab1 * 12.612.625 m
8Dhamani Nallah BridgeRCC Beam and Slab3 * 12.637.825 m
9.Barurewa River BridgePSC Box3 * 38.0114.06 m
10.Kheda Nallah BridgeRCC Beam and Slab3 * 16.649.825 m
11.Singri Nallah BridgeRCC Beam and Slab12.6+24.6+12.649.825 m
12.Ama Nallah BridgeRCC Beam and Slab3 * 16.649.825 m
13.ROBPre-Tensioned, Pre-Cast Girder With Cast in Situ RCC Slab3 * 23.871.44 m
14.Narsinghpur Fly-OverPSC Box Girder (38.0)+ RCC Beam and Slab (24.6)24.6+38.0+24.687.24 m
15.Jabalpur Fly-OverPSC Box Girder (38.0)+RCC Beam and Slab (24.6)24.6+38.0+24.687.24 m