Rewa -Jaisinghnagar -Shahdol -Amarkantak Road, India

Supervision and Quality Control of Rewa – Jaisinghnagar – Shahdol – Amarkantak Road, Length 247 Kms., Construction Cost- US$ 23.91 Million, Madhya Pradesh, India

The project consists of widening and strengthening of 2-lane roadway. The project elements consist of geometric design for horizontal and vertical alignment, pavement, drainage, retaining walls, bridges, traffic and safety measures, Toll plaza and other road furniture. There are 10 bridges, 34 slab culverts and 92 hume pipe culverts, all existing, which need repair, widening and strengthening or replacement. Out of 10 existing bridges, 4 bridges need widening, repairs

and strengthening and 6 bridges are being replaced with new bridges as the existing ones were in poor condition. The bridges types used are RCC-T beams on open foundation. Out of existing 92 hume pipes, 41 were replacement with new pipe culverts, 10 were replaced with slab culvers and remaining were widened, repaired and strengthened.