Sagar – Damoh – Jabalpur State Highway, India

Construction Supervision Services for Strengthening, Widening, Rehabilitation and Upgradation of Sagar – Damoh – Jabalpur. State Highway on BOT basis, Length 170 Kms., Construction Cost US$ 19.52 Million, Madhya Pradesh, India

The project consists of widening and strengthening of 2-lane roadway. The new roadway will have a carriageway width of 5.5m to 7m with a 1.5m wide paved shoulder and 1.0 wide unpaved shoulder on both sides of the carriageway. The existing 6 major bridges, 4 minor bridges, 91 slab and hume pipe culverts need repair, widening and strengthening or replacement. Out of 10 existing bridges, 4 bridges need widening, repairing and strengthening and 6 bridges to be replaced with new bridges as condition of existing bridges are really bad. Out of existing 91 hume pipes and slab culverts, 35 to be replaced with new pipe culverts, 10 to be replaced with slab culvers and remaining will be widening, repairing and strengthening.