Snoqualmie Master Planning and City Development Project, USA

Snoqualmie Master Planning and City Development Project

The project was to prepare complete mater plan and city development plan for the city of Snoqualmie including four new development of two housing, one commercial and one industrial developments which amounted to about 1900 Acres. It also included developing designs drawings and providing construction supervision services for roads, water system, sewerage system, solid waste, storm drainage waste water treatment plant and water treatment plant for the new developments and improvement of the existing city systems for all infrastructures.

Project also involves Clean Development Mechanism which will be developed the contractor, consultant has to review this. Environmental Impact Statement needs to be developed as well as Environmental management plan for mitigation of the environmental impacts. The Client will Provide digital satellite imageries for the project influence area.

  • Performed topographic and hydrographic surveys.
  • Obtained GIS map of the city and surrounding area and updated the maps to include the physical features missing on the GIS maps. Also marked boundaries of the development and developed the final base maps of the entire project area to start master planning and designs for all developments.
  • Identification and documentation of all infrastructure in the existing city and new developments including roads, water systems, solid waste, sewerage system, Public Toilets, Sanitation and solid waste.
  • Performed Traffic studies.