State Roads Sagar Zone in Madhya Pradesh, India

Independent Engineer for for widening and strengthening of State Roads on BOT basis in Sagar Zone, Madhya Pradesh, India

This BOT project constitutes upgradation involving construction of 4 highway including Bridges; widening and rehabilitation of bridges and culverts; construction of high embankment/elevated structures/ROBs wayside amenities etc. along the existing highways including provision of realignment and bypasses. The roads are:

  • Semria – Manikpur
  • Titamgarh – Mehroni
  • Hata – Dargawn
  • Deherda – Ishagarh

MSV International Inc. is responsible for independent engineer activities associated with design, design review, during construction activities, required quality assurance and quality control tests, and operation and maintenance of the project on behalf of both MPRDC. Consultant is also responsible for reporting to MPRDC on the financial, technical and physical progress of implementation aspects of the project.