Water Supply & Sanitation Project, City of Olympia

Water Supply and Sanitation Project for City of Olympia

The existing water supply system is not functioning properly there are leaks in the system. The consultant need to identify the leaks and remidation measures. The required capacity of the system is more than the project requirements. The consultant needs to identify new sources of water. Design system for 25 years. The system needs to be expanded to include new developments. The Consultant also needs to study the current sanitation system and suggest needed improvement

  • Collected, Reviewed and analyzed all existing data
  • Undertook site visit, carried out reconnaissance survey to identify the missing data.
  • Developed as-built drawings of the existing system for identifying leaks and their location and also prepared drawings for remidation measure.
  • Performed Topographic Surveys and development of drawing for existing water supply system.
  • Study existing water distribution system for water assessment and leave detection.