Water System and Sanitation System, Creswell Water District

Water System and Sanitation System for City of Creswell Water District

The project was to revamp the existing water supply system. which is deficient in supplying to the present day demands and replace it with a brand new system to meet demands for next 25 years. The water is being brought into the city from take up into mountains, which gets its water from melting ice. The main trunks 60 india will bring the water to the water tank in the out skirts of the city. The length is approximately 11 miles. The water depending upon demand for domestic and industrial use will be diverted into different water reservoirs. The domestic water will be treated. Existing water distribution mains will be investigated for conditions and those in good condition will be left in place, the distribution lines will be provided to new domestic and industrial developments. Also reviewed the existing sanitation system and suggested improvements etc.

  • Collected, reviewed and analysed existing data with regards to existing water supply and capacity increase
  • Undertook site visits to identify missing data
  • Performed Topographic Surveys and developed base maps using Satellite Imagery.
  • Metrological assessment and also assessment of yearly snow covers
  • Undertook Population forecasting
  • Assessed Capacity of the existing water basin in the mountains