Yashwantsagar Lake, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Conservation & Management of Yashwantsagar Lake, Indore (M.P.) Under The National Wetland Conservation Plan (NWCP), Madhya Pradesh, India.

Consultant has has taken up preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for conservation & Management of Yashwantsagar Lake Indore (M.P) under the National Wetland Conservation Plan (NWCP) . The principal objective of DPR preparation is to get approval for schemes to reduce pollution loads to the Reservoir due to man made activities at Yashwantsagar Lake, Indore (M.P). In order to reduce pollution loads in to the reservoir well planned and designed civic facilities in the town need to be installed and once these have been installed they need to be properly and effectively maintained and operated. The detailed project report preparation for the town will involve identification of all sources of pollution.

These sources of pollution include the following:

  • Sewerage system
  • Sanitation system
  • Water Supply
  • Water shed/ Catchment treatment
  • Municipal solid waste and Industrial Waste
  • Bio- medical waste, Agriculture Waste and Dairy Waste
  • Non point sources of pollution
  • Crematoria
  • River Front Development, Bathing Ghats, Dhobi Ghats
  • Eco-tourism development activities.
  • Funding
  • Privatization
  • Regulatory Liaison
  • HRD & institutional framework.
  • Public Awareness and Public Participation
  • Environmental Assessment & Mitigations Measures