Building Design at MSV is a multidisciplinary process reaching beyond the traditional confines of architects and structural engineers. We are dedicated to a total design concept, and this commitment requires coordination and integration of many diversified skills to direct the planning process towards an optimum design solution. Architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, computer programmers, interior designers, and construction managers work as a team to create a facility that will function efficiently and effectively while enhancing the natural environment. The philosophy of the firm is to treat each project on its own merit by recognizing the special requirements unique to each project. We have used all different materials like steel, concrete, aluminium, wood and glass to create attractive buildings.

We have successfully provided structural design and proof-checking for many building projects, both for the government and the private sector. We have extensive experience in design, preparation of construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates and construction management for residential buildings including individual homes, planned communities, apartment complexes and condominiums; industrial buildings; commercial buildings, including office buildings, hotels, motels, banks and shopping centres; recreational buildings and public buildings including courthouses, jails, libraries, museums; institutional buildings like schools and universities, health facilities like hospitals, medical research institutions, training centres and laboratories and churches, temples and mosques and recreational facilities.

For Architectural services we are using a renowned architectural firm – Archigroup Architects Pvt. Ltd. They have wide experience of having designed training institutions, schools, university campuses, hospitals, embassies, office complexes, commercial complexes, religious buildings, factories, hostels and residential complexes.

All these various types of buildings call for vision and adaptability to their unique environment. We understand it very well and produce designs that are functional, attractive and flexible, which may also accommodate future expansion.

In addition to our design capabilities, the firm is experienced in evaluating existing structures. We can provide the necessary recommendations required for rehabilitation where structural modifications can economically and safely extend the useful life of an existing facility.

So MSV provides complete services for variety of buildings from a single source.