Irrigation & Agriculture Development

It is necessary to undertake activities relating to integrated Agriculture & Rural development to ensure that the benefits of planned water resources development reach the villages. The real benefits of water Resources Development can accrue when the agriculture develops, for which it is necessary to pay attention to command Area Development. This will include activities such as the development of Irrigation and drainage network, watershed conservation & management, a forestation, flood management etc.

It will also be necessary to pay attention to Infrastructure development by way of development of rural roads. Rural electrification and rural water supply.

Another aspect which needs attention is the creation of facilities for storage of seeds, and food grains and the development of small scale food processing units. The economic condition of villages can be improved by developing agro-based industries where products can be manufactured and marketed by co-operative societies. There is a need for providing training to villagers to develop these capabilities.

The highly qualified engineers & planners of MSV can undertake planning and design of Agriculture Development, Irrigation Development and Rural Development projects.


  • Planning/ Design of Agriculture Development Projects
  • Planning & Design of Irrigation Network
  • Drainage Improvement in Irrigation Command
  • Development of Rural Roads Rural Water Supply
  • Rural Sanitation Works
  • Food Processing
  • Dairy Industry
  • Creation of Storage Facilities
  • Water Shed Conservation & Management
  • Flood Management
  • Planning Financial Management
  • Marketing Training
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment