Mass Rapid Transit System

At the heart of every successful Transit Program is a seasoned management team. With both agency and government experience, our award-winning professionals have guided numerous long-term, complex transit projects to successful completion.

Our interdisciplinary teams analyze transportation problems, develop a range of creative solutions, compare alternatives using rigorous and unbiased methods, and work with the public and policy makers to craft the most effective solution to meet the needs of each unique situation.

The best transportation solutions address mobility, social, economic, and environmental issues in an integrated way. MSV provides services for light rail, commuter rail, streetcar, Monorail bus rapid transit, HOV facilities, and multi-modal transportation centers for transit agencies; railroads; and central, state, regional, and local jurisdictions.

We lead complex New Start projects through all phases of development, from advance planning through Environmental and Social analysis and review, into preliminary and final engineering, and through construction and start-up of revenue service.

  • Project Development
  • Program Management
  • Planning and Alternatives Analysis
  • Environmental and Social Studies,
  • Documentation and Permitting
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Final Design
  • Track Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Station Area Planning/ Development
  • Station and Urban Design
  • Real Estate
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Risk Assessment/ Risk Management