Developing mineral resources usually involves an array of challenges ranging from natural geological obstacles to increasingly stringent regulatory standards. Solutions must be cost effective, allowing an operator to maintain a competitive position in the world market.

MSV International Inc., provides consulting and engineering services to support the environmental and Geotechnical needs of surface and underground mining operations

Successful mine development and operation result from blending technical expertise, knowledge of operational constraints and relevant problem-solving experience.

With internationally recognized specialists in engineering geology, soil and rock mechanics, environmental science, regulatory compliance, permitting and other related technical fields, MSV is able to offer consulting and design services firmly based on practical experience. This ensures the firm’s recommendations can be easily implemented by mine operators.

Operating with the client’s interests at the forefront, a senior staff member forms a team of specialists with the specific qualifications and experience demanded by the unique constraints and objectives for a particular project. Drawn from MSV’s international organization, the team utilizes its global experience and office network to fulfill the engineering tasks needed by the mining operation, employing technical advancements when beneficial and cost- effective. In addition to its own international resources MSV’s drawing on experience of many reputed internationally known Mining Organizations on project need basis.

Managing mine and mineral processing wastes continues to be a significant operational consideration, complicated by changing regulatory requirements, concerns about long term environmental effects and the need to work within site-specific technical issues. MSV’s experience in investigating and interpreting environmental, geotechnical, surface water and groundwater conditions has been gained from hundreds of projects worldwide.

MSV International offers a full range of geotechnical site investigation and design services. MSV maintains a staff of engineers and environmental specialists experienced in preparing necessary permit documents and environmental impact assessments to support new project development and expansions of on-going operations. Permitting studies, structured to balance cost and operating issues with applicable regulatory requirements, have been undertaken throughout the world. The company’s experienced engineers, geoscientists and environmental specialists have participated in the development and operation of many under ground and surface mines.

The company’s technical specialists have the expertise needed to evaluate site characteristics and translate them into practical approaches. In situ field analysis, geotechnical laboratory testing and computer modeling are among the tools used by MSV’s project teams.

The company’s expertise in areas such as pit slope design, heap leach facilities, design of underground openings and mine waste disposal is complemented by proven capabilities in water management, permit preparation and construction quality assurance for geomembrane installation. Detailed design programs, including preparation of bid documents and specifications, have been completed for projects involving tailings dams, surface water control structures, heap leach pads ponds and reclamation strategies.

The resulting recommendations enable mine operators to make more informed investment and operating decisions by identifying uncertainties and quantifying the benefits of different design strategies. MSV’s design approach’s to develop high performance systems that make effective use of natural conditions and are also cost effective and practical to construct and operate.

Water plays a significant role in mining projects. Its availability and quality affect all phases of a mine’s life. The integration of sound hydrogeochemical management practices with mine planning, development, operation and closure allows an operator to enhance competitiveness and reduce risks to both the operator and the environment.

MSV provides a comprehensive range of hydrogeochemical services to assist with the environmental and geotechnical needs of surface and underground mining operations. These services are supported by proven expertise in the fields of geochemistry, surface hydrology, subsurface hydrology and mining engineering. We offer geochemical assessment, and solutions over the life of the mine, from the exploration stage through post-closure, in seamless integration with our engineering, construction, EIA, mine waste management, and closure services.

MSV has close relationship with many international mining organizations and in case of need we draw on their experience. MSV has also fostered close working relationships with laboratories that meet our high standards for analytical requirements and customer service. Standard approaches are used routinely along with custom-made protocols to address a client’s specific needs.