Urban Planning & Development

People have a vision for their communities. MSV’s expertise translates that vision into comprehensive planning policies and smart zoning codes that guide future development. MSV believes in vital, sustainable communities where people have a sense of place, broad transportation options, recreation and employment opportunities, and diverse, affordable housing choices.

Implementation makes a good plan succeed. At MSV, we make implementation a priority from day one of any planning project. We create effective planning strategies, providing a step by-step guide for implementing sustainable, comprehensive plans.

Growth increases demand for finite environmental, social, and infrastructure resources. MSV pioneers new techniques to sustain those resources and accommodate new growth. MSV’s planning professionals prepare comprehensive plans designed for a built environment that reduces impacts on the natural environment, ensuring that vital resources are part of the sustainable community.

MSV’s skillfully blends professional planning expertise with top-quality engineering, creative landscape architecture, and insightful market analysis. The result is a full spectrum of planning services available to achieve our clients’ objectives.


  • Development Strategies and Analysis
  • Urban Renewal, Planning and Design
  • Industrial Estate Planning and Design
  • Bus Stands and markets Planning and Design
  • Parks Planning and Design
  • Slum Improvements
  • Heritage Conservation Planning and Design
  • Water Supply, Sewerage, Solid Waste, Sanitation Improvements
  • BUS Rapid Transit System
  • Roads and Intersection Improvements
  • Architectural and Spatial Design