Water & Waste Water

MSV provides integrated water and sanitation management services covering the entire gamut, both in urban and rural areas. For Sewerage & Waste Management System, MSV works with state municipalities to deliver cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions for resource & waste management. Our expertise assists in better conservation of environment and eco-system by means of effective solutions for solid & hazardous waste management, resource recoveries & conservation, liquid effluent treatment & recycling etc.

Projects Undertaken

  • Water Supply
    At MSV, we believe that the development of a cost-effective and sustainable source of clean and safe water is of fundamental importance to the well-being of all communities. Using sustainable, efficient technology solutions, our global team of engineers and specialists work closely with clients to deliver optimal solutions tailored to their needs.
    MSV with a holistic and sustainable approach provide integrated water management covering the gamut of water intake works, treatment, storage and water distribution with a complete perspective to enable efficient and effective investigations, designs, analysis, construction, monitoring, etc.
  • Sewerage & Solid Waste Management
    MSV provide waste water and sewerage network services for waste collection, sewage treatment plant, tertiary treatment plant and recycling/reuse of treated water, with special stress on solid waste management in addition to the Water and Sewage Sector, MSV has been involved in managing and designing municipal /industrial hazardous waste and solid waste collection, treatment, and disposal. MSV is familiar with major international and local waste regulations and international best practices, as well as the latest innovations and technologies. We possess experience and expertise to develop and deliver innovative, environmentally sound and legally compliant solutions to mitigate the challenging waste management and regulatory issues. Further, the company is also involved in sourcing of water and design of drainage system.