Construction Management

MSV’s construction support services range from construction surveillance to complete construction management, beginning with project planning and extending through facility start up with a clear objective to meet the owner’s criteria for project delivery. Construction Safety is a hallmark of our construction philosophy. MSV’s safety record is outstanding and consistent.

We take pride in the multi-disciplinary character of its organization. Its objective is to provide an environment conductive to a free interchange of knowledge and utilization of specialist experience.

Basically, we offer professional management of planning, design and construction, including cost control, scheduling, and quality control. We are prepared to move quickly as a balanced construction management team to coordinate and schedule the activities of the project team and interested agencies and groups in the project approval process and to execute your best interests in a diverse construction market. We are convinced that the professional construction management services of your company will meet your requirements in the shortest possible time and in the most cost effective manner.

We provide complete construction management services and can manage and coordinate all elements of the Owner’s construction program, thereby allowing the Owner to be involved in the project only to the degree desired.

The objectives of the construction management services offered by MSV are:

  • Coordinate the efforts of the many entities needed to activate the Owner’s construction program during the planning, design, and construction phases.
  • Provide construction planning, scheduling, and management techniques needed to implement the planning, design and construction programs in a cost- effective and expeditions manner consistent with the objectives and needs of the Owner. Advice on alternative project configurations as required.
  • Providing planning, scheduling, and cost control during the design phase. Assist the Owner in the selection of specialized services from architects, engineers, and other consultants. Continuously review plans as developed and advise the Owner on approvals.
  • Manage construction to assure that the design concepts, quality control requirements and operational philosophy, and design architect/ engineer and the Owner are carried out.

Our approach will be to meld the expertise of MSV’s professional personnel to assemble a management team to most efficiently achieve the stated objectives. Research and development is the method used by our professionals in improving ways of achieving its purpose.

We also provide design review services prior to start of construction and design review service is to provide the Owner with a value analysis, life-cycle study and code check of the A/E’s design without relieving the A/E of responsibilities for the design. We would fully expect the design A/E to provide the normal jobsite services, assuring compliance of construction with design intent.