Operation and Maintenance Programs

MSV International Inc. provides a comprehensive maintenance service portfolio across most industry sectors. These can be provided on a standalone basis or as integrated solutions. Maintenance is an essential part of all phases of the asset life cycle. We analyze each client’s maintenance approach at a strategic level to optimize the maintenance program for the type of production.

Using multi-skilled craft personnel, MSV International Inc. performs world-class maintenance, helping minimize risks and lower overall maintenance costs without compromising on safety.

In select dense industrial zones, MSV International Inc. has its own workshops to cost efficiently plan and execute maintenance-related work for surrounding clients. We employ a highly trained and engaged workforce, proven technology and strategy, knowledge and experience in operations and facilities management.

From complex production environments to technologically advanced industrial and commercial facilities, we offer support to complex installations, warehouses, distribution centres, public agencies and private-sector companies and other government facilities in the operations and maintenance services.

In the industrial and commercial markets, our program-based, partnership approach delivers integrated management and maintenance services within a cohesive framework that ensures operational certainty for office, factory, and research and development environments.

By combining technology and data analytics, we drive measurable improvements for our clients’ productivity and profitability goals across diverse markets.

Our Services

  • Safety management
  • Mobilization, staffing, training & orientation
  • Inventory management
  • Quality & control
  • Environmental services
  • Production and Process Maintenance
  • Production and Process Maintenance
  • Base and Range Operations
  • Integrated Facility Management
  • Transportation Operations and Maintenance
  • Contract Mining
  • Contingency Operations