Abi-Adi-Debre Genet-Semema-Benako-Endabaguna Project, Ethiopia

Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision of Abi Adi-Debre Genet-Semema-Benako- Endabaguna Design and Build Road Project, Contract 1: [km 0+000 (Abi Adi)-km 84+200(Semema)] and Contract 2: [km 84+200 (Semema)-km 180+074 (Endabaguna] Road Project. (2 Lane with paved shoulders, Total Length: 180.074 Km)

The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia invited the consultant for the project “consultancy services for Construction Supervision of Abi Adi-Debre Genet-Semema-Benako-Endabaguna Design and Build Road Project, Contract 1: [km 0+000 (AbiAdi)-km 84+200 (Semema)] and Contract 2: [km 84+200 (Semema)-km 180+074 (Endabaguna] Road Project”. The project road is located in the Northern part of Ethiopia, in Tigray National Regional State, Central Zone. The project is fully located in Tigray National Regional State and connects the towns of Abi Adi to the Central Zone and Endabaguna of the Western Zone.

The proposed road traverse through four Woredas of the Tigray National Regional State, with the beginning point about 8km to the North of Abi Adi town on the Mekelle-Abi Adi-AdwaRoad. While the end point, which is the town of Endabaguna, is located on the Gondar-Limalimo-Enda Silassie Road. The proposed road passes through the capital of the four woredas. These are near Abi Adi of Kola Temben, Semema of Naeder Adet, Zana of Medebay Zana and Endabaguna of Asgede Tsimbala.

The road will have a total estimated length of about 180km in area where almost no previous access. From this estimated road length, only the first 40km on the Abi Adi side and the last section between the villages of Benako and Endabaguna (about 17km) has dry weather road. The remaining 123 km roadway length traverses through an area with no previous access. However, there are two gravel roads which link the Axum-Enda Silassie road to the proposed road at the towns of Semema and Zana, which are located at about km 81.20 and km 122, respectively, from the beginning of the project.