Clean-up of River Narmada and River Newaj, India

Detailed Project Report for Abatement of pollution and Environmental improvement under NRAP, Maheshwar

National River action plan (NRAP) is a scheme of Govt. of India for conservation and environmental improvement of rivers flowing through identified towns. This is a priority program funded by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) need to be developed on ADB Guidelines and Govt. of India MOEF Guidelines on Environment. A Detailed Project Report is required to be prepared for the abatement of pollution and of environmental improvement for Maheshwar town on the banks of River Narmada with respect to various systems of the city/town, listed from item 1 to 9 below and reports need to be developed for item 10 to 16:

  1. Sewerage system
  2. Sanitation system
  3. Water Supply
  4. Water shed/Catchment treatment
  5. Municipal solid waste and Industrial Waste
  6. Bio-medical waste, Agriculture Waste, and Dairy Waste
  7. Non point sources of pollution
  8. Crematoria
  9. River Front Development, Bathing Ghats, Dhobi Ghats
  10. Eco-tourism development activities.
  11. Funding
  12. Privatization
  13. Regulatory Liaison
  14. HRD & institutional framework.
  15. Public Awareness and Public Participation
  16. Environmental Assessment & Mitigations Measures

Source of water is tubewells and the River Narmada