Dairy Farm Waste Mangement under Yamuna Action Plan, India

Dairy Farm Waste Management in Delhi Under Yamuna Action Plan II

Project is to abate the pollution load and improve the water quality of the river Yamuna. It is proposed to develop a comprehensive Master Plan for the Dairy farm waste management component, conduct a detailed Feasibility Study for setting up a sustainable facility for handling cattle dung waste, help in area development and enhancing the downstream water quality and pilot implementation. The study will be carried out in two stages. The Stage I will begin preparation of Master Plan and Feasibility Study for priority works including biogas generation and other beneficial uses of dairy farm waste and area improvement plans, selection of area and technology for pilot project, and necessary data collection for preparing Request for Proposal (RFP) for the next stage. And Stage II will begin with preparing Detailed Project Reports (DPR), tendering, construction, operation and maintenance (O&M), and evaluation for incorporating lessons learnt to finalise the feasibility study for implementation in future (YAP-III). MCD provided data and digital satellite imagery with landmarks and locality names as available with the MCD for the State of Delhi. It was expected that this data was to be augmented with project information and was to be provided back to MCD in digital, GIS-ready format as advised by MCD for inclusion in the YAP-II database.