Yashwant Sagar and Barna Lake Project, India

Project Management Consultant (PMC) under the National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) / (NRAP) for Abatement of Pollution & Conservation of Sagar Lake – Sagar

National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) is a scheme of the Govt. of India for the abatement of pollution, conservation, and environmental improvement of lakes through identified towns. This projects deals with Sagar Lake at Sagar Town in Madhya Pradesh. Due to increase in population the lake is getting polluted, various human interventions through point and non-point sources, such as release of domestic and other waste water, solid waste, and other pollutant substances resulting in organic matter in the lake ultimately leading to eutrophicatuion of the lake and silting. Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, with a grant from NRCD (National River Conservation Directorate), has planned for abatement of Pollution in the lake and has entrusted EPCO with the implantation of the projects. The detailed designs have already been prepared for the improvement and up-gradation of the following components:

  1. Sewerage system including capacity of improvement of existing sewerage treatment plant
  2. Sanitation system
  3. Water Supply (increase in capacity and fixing leaks and broken pipes for reducation of NRW
  4. Water shed/ Catchment’s treatment
  5. Municipal solid waste and Industrial Waste
  6. Bio- medical waste, Agriculture Waste and Dairy Waste
  7. Non point sources of pollution
  8. Crematoria
  9. Lake Front Development, Bathing Ghats, Dhobi Ghats
  10. Eco-tourism development activities.
  11. Installation of new tube-wells
  12. Installation of Lighting

Sources of water are tube-wells and Sagar Lake.

This project will cover the impletion of designs through a construction agency and the broader goals of the consultancy services are:

  • High standard of quality assurance in execution of work;
  • the completion of the works within the stipulated time limit; it is stressed that the time period should be strictly adhered to and the Consultant shall have the complete responsibility for the timely completion of the work;
  • the comprehensive supervision of the project implementation activities carried out by the Contractor, to ensure complete compliance with the drawings, technical specifications and various requirements of the contract documents;
  • the efficient Construction Supervision by Personnel, who are experienced in modern methods of Construction Supervision and contract management;
  • the application of reasonable and consistent design, construction and contractual resolutions for the construction contract; and
  • to provide expert advice and assistance to EPCO, local bodies for the management of the implementation activities to be carried out under the proposed project package