Supervision of Construction, Up-gradation & Modernization of 24 Border Check Post in Madhya Pradesh

Supervision of Construction, Up-gradation & Modernisation of 24 Border Check Post in Madhya Pradesh on Build Operate and Transfer Basis, Madhya Pradesh, India

The project comprises of construction/modernization of Border Check Posts at 24 locations. All the check posts will be integrated with the Central Control Facilities at Indore and Gwalior. MSV is responsible for handling 8 Check posts out of 24. MSV responsibility includes proof checking for general site layout plan and detailed designs and drawings. MSV will supervise the geotechnical investigation of project site. MSV will also conduct overall monitoring of the project including. Review of all electrical and mechanical facilities including plumbing, air conditioning, loading & unloading platform; electrification & networking requirements. MSV will check bills of quantities for each check post and two central control facilities.